Meet David

“Music plays a vital role in David’s life.” By Major Jamie Spalding

David does not remember much about living in Honduras. He does not remember his mother being unable to find a job that paid a livable wage despite the fact she had a college degree. He does not remember what it was like to not always have electricity or enough food. He does not remember the gang violence that permeated his village. He does not remember children being abducted in surrounding areas. He does not remember the corruption or the fact that there was nowhere to turn for help. He does not remember his courageous mother deciding to leave home when he was only a toddler to find a better life for him. 

He does not remember, but all those things changed the trajectory of his life. 

“I talk to people there sometimes, and they are into some really bad stuff. That could have been me,” David explained.

Instead, David’s mother set him on a different path, encouraging him to develop a good work ethic, stay close to God and pursue something good. For David, that “something good” became music.

By the time David walked into The Salvation Army in Durham, NC as a teenager, having been invited by a corps member who was going door-to-door, he was already a lover of music. When he saw the brass band practicing, he got up the courage to talk to the bandmaster, who invited him to play in the band.  “He believed in me,” David said, “and still does.” 

Soon, David was attending the Army regularly, participating in music programs and attending Conservatory. Eventually, David became a music leader and even played with The Salvation Army band at the annual Tournament of Roses Parade.

Music plays a vital role in David’s life. He finds fulfillment and fellowship in that ministry, and says, “On days when I’m at my lowest, music brings me back to Jesus.” 

Along with music and his mother, David credits the leaders in his life for shaping him into who he is today: a Divisional Youth Secretary who inspires him to learn more about God’s Word, a Divisional Music Director who lovingly holds him accountable and a corps officer (pastor) who walks beside him and reminds him that he is not alone. Those are things he will remember.

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