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How to Start a Discipleship Group with Friends

Discipleship is truly the journey of a lifetime. By Captain Kathleen Ashcraft
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Discipleship is truly the journey of a lifetime, a daily commitment. On this journey, you make intentional decisions time and time again that help mature your relationship with Jesus so that your life reflects Him in all you do.  

To start a discipleship group, you first want to find the people whom you would want to walk with on your spiritual life journey. You should look for those around you who encourage you in your faith, who share the same convictions, whom you can trust and who will hold you accountable in your walk with the Lord. The group does not have to start off big. Sometimes we get so hung up on it being a well-programmed gathering, but it comes down to people who love Jesus coming together, sharing in life struggles and victories and honoring God in everything we do and say.  It can be you and a friend reading through the Bible together. It can be a small group of people reading through a book and reflecting on it. It’s in the baby steps of deep relationship with one another and seeking Jesus that you will grow.

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