Ask an Officer

How can I know if my relationship is right?

Ask an officer anything. An officer in The Salvation Army is an ordained minister of Christian faith.
Ask an Officer

I don’t know if my partner is “the one.” How can I know if my relationship is right? 

I wish we could just ask God to check “yes” or “no” on a postcard if the person we are with is the right one! Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that, but we CAN go to God. Write down the things that are important to you. Do they have a relationship with and love God? Do they love their family, do they love you, are you happy when you are with them? Or are you making excuses for their behavior? Do your friends like them? Do you share the same values? These are all things to consider. – Lt. Valentina Agudelo, Port Jervis, NY

I watch a lot of TV that some might think is inappropriate. Does that make me a bad Christian?

When we are taking in any kind of media, we tend to think of what we watch as good or bad based on what we see around us. What I do is think to myself, “If Jesus walked in the room and sat next to me, would I be embarrassed about what I’m taking in?” As true followers of Jesus, we are called to be more like Him (1 John 2:6), to not be like the world but to be transformed and listen to the will of the Lord (Romans 12:2) and be Holy because He is Holy (Leviticus 11:44). Our true measure of faith is our surrender to God. If the Holy Spirit is convicting you about the media that you are taking in, as it sounds like He is, are you willing to give it up for Jesus? – Captain Bramwell Applin, Pittsburgh, PA

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