Daring Denim

Abigail explains how you can create an entire wardrobe of denim. Do you dare to try? By Abigail Merritt

Everyone has a favorite pair of jeans, and I bet they are denim blue jeans. Why not create a whole wardrobe of denim? You can get denim anything—even a handbag or hat, like what?! Denim can be placed with other denim, a dress, leggings or even khakis.

Moral of the story, denim is just never out of style. There are endless amounts of fun that you can have with denim. One way is denim on denim, which is a statement most people think they should stay away from—but I think it is so fun and cute! Another of my favorite denim looks is jean skirts with T-shirts to make it casual, or jean skirts with button-ups or blouses to make it dressier. When you have a cute pair of jeans, wear them with tall wedges when going out to dinner with friends, or with some sneakers when walking around campus in the fall! For guys, a denim button-up is never a bad choice! Guys can also rock the homemade Bermuda shorts, cut from an old pair of jeans.

When thrift shopping for denim, do not hesitate to pull that daring piece off the rack and try it on! It may become your new favorite clothing item to wear with anything and everything!

Want more denim tips? Don’t miss Abigail’s video on Peer’s YouTube channel.

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