Changing Perspectives

Instead of letting us continue in our daily worries, Jesus gives us a resource that can truly change our lives. Seek God first.  By Lt. Meagan Ruff

I’ve had this passage from Matthew 6 highlighted for as long as I remember:  “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble” (Matthew 6:33-34, ESV). And while it is highlighted and cemented in my brain, I get it wrong more often than I like. 

Back then, my focus was solely on the “and all these things will be given to you” portion. I had high hopes for my life, my finances and the way the people around me perceived me. If all I had to do was seek God to get all these other things … I was in. 

I cringe a bit when I think of it now. It was such a selfish way to read the words of Jesus. But I recognize that selfish or not, the Lord was using my study to draw me closer to Him—even if I was hoping that closeness would bring about acceptance to my college of choice and money for the most fashionable shoes. 

Years later, my perspective and understanding of the passage has shifted. The emphasis of the passage is less on what we gain, and more on our posture as believers and followers of Jesus. 

Humans deal with worry. Jesus knows this and addresses worry at the beginning of the chapter. He outlines the worry that plagues us. What will we eat? What will I wear? Where should I go to school? Is this relationship the real thing? 

Jesus reminds us of our value. God cares for the multitudes of birds and the soulless wildflowers … will He not do the same for us? Instead of letting us continue in our daily worries, Jesus gives us a resource that can truly change our lives. Seek God first. 

It is a simple answer with profound meaning. When we are faced with a challenge or a situation that produces worry, seek God. This opportunity builds our relationship and trust in our Savior, but it also begins to shift our perspective from our own wants to the desires of God. 

Praying about a college decision isn’t always going to result in a whisper from the Lord to choose Auburn over Alabama (though maybe it should). But He will honor your faithfulness in turning to Him and ease your worries about the decision. Seeking God first will produce a stronger relationship and a better ability to hear His voice. 

The second part of this passage reminds us to stay in our present day. We can become completely overrun by our worries. It’s not that we should be oblivious to upcoming decisions or milestones or events, but a reminder that seeking God first says that we trust Him to be there tomorrow. 

The next time you’re faced with a worry, talk to God like you would a friend. Ask Him what to do, to change your viewpoint or to ease your worries. Practice seeking Him first in small things so that it’s a natural reaction to seek Him in the bigger things. As we strengthen our relationships with Him, we are slowly being refined to be more like Jesus. Our God doesn’t change, but instead changes us. Seek God first, stay present and don’t be afraid to challenge your own old perspectives.

Dig Deeper:

What passages of Scripture were important to you at one time but speak differently to you now? Take some time to look up those verses and see how God may be changing you as you grow.

  • March 1: Matthew 5:1-7
  • March 2: Matthew 5:8-12
  • March 3: Matthew 5:13
  • March 4: Matthew 5:14-16
  • March 5: Matthew 5:17-20
  • March 6: Matthew 5:21-22
  • March 7: Matthew 5:23-24
  • March 8: Matthew 5:25-26
  • March 9: Matthew 5:27-30
  • March 10: Matthew 5:31-32
  • March 11: Matthew 5:33-37
  • March 12: Matthew 5:38-42
  • March 13: Matthew 5:43-45
  • March 14: Matthew 5:46-48
  • March 15: Matthew 6:1-4
  • March 16: Matthew 6:5-8
  • March 17: Matthew 6:9-13
  • March 18: Matthew 6:14-15
  • March 19: Matthew 6:16-18
  • March 20: Matthew 6:19-21
  • March 21: Matthew 6:22-24
  • March 22: Matthew 6:25-27
  • March 23: Matthew 6:28-34
  • March 24: Matthew 7:1-6
  • March 25: Matthew 7:7-8
  • March 26: Matthew 7:9-12
  • March 27: Matthew 7:13-14
  • March 28: Matthew 7:15-20
  • March 29: Matthew 7:21-23
  • March 30: Matthew 7:24-27
  • March 31: Matthew 7:28-29


God, ease the worries that run through my mind. Remind me how You see me and care for me , and help me to seek You first. Amen.  

Inhale: I am a child of God. Exhale: I will bring my worries to Him. 

Flower Illustration by Lan Truong & Verse Illustration by Bea Barros

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