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Amanda’s Eye-Opening Experience With Revolution Hawaii

"I trusted God was going to do amazing things through me." By Peer Magazine

Amanda first heard of Revolution Hawaii  from her friend who had previously attended the summer mission experience. After hearing about the life-changing experiences and the rekindled love of ministry her friend had, Amanda decided to apply. 

As a member of this year’s Revolution Hawaii, she traveled to different sites in Honolulu, such as Kaneohe, Waianae and Chinatown.  

One particular service opportunity stood out to Amanda. Every Sunday, the team makes and distributes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to homeless people on the streets of Chinatown and the surrounding area. “We did this ministry every Sunday and developed close relationships with the people we served,” Amanda said. “We talked about their lives over a cup of coffee that we brought out there and prayed for them and their needs.” 

Amanda says that this experience strengthened her faith. “As a group, we participated in daily Bible reading and discussion. Discussing the Bible and how it applies to each of us and taking that knowledge to outreach has opened my eyes to the need to constantly have God’s Word in my life,” Amanda said. 

Amanda encourages anyone considering Revolution Hawaii  to try. “Expect God to move! I could have never seen this experience coming if you had asked me nine months ago. But I trusted God was going to do amazing things through me.”

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