A Cozy Winter

Resident fashion and decor writer Abigail Chenoweth shares about cozy winter clothes. By ABIGAIL CHENOWETH

Once the snow hits, we’re all looking for the coziest outfits. But we still want to look cute! Wearing a comfortable outfit does not mean you have to forfeit style and confidence.

When sifting through the racks at the thrift store, I like to look for sweatpants, pullovers and giant sweaters—in the men’s department. When styling comfortable outfits, the big thing to think about is color and pattern.

Colors and patterns are the best way to make a comfortable outfit look cute. For instance, my go-to is black leggings with a big sweater or sweatshirt. If I am wearing black leggings or sweatpants, I have freedom to pick out a patterned or colorful top to pair with.

Then, I throw on a fuzzy pair of socks, and I am ready to lounge with friends for the night. For guys, a pair of joggers with a hoodie or pullover is perfect for a walk to the store or hanging out with friends on a chilly night.

I always touch the clothes when sifting through the racks to make sure it really is a comfortable and warm piece for the wintertime! Both guys and girls have endless pullover and hoodie options at the thrift store.

These kinds of items usually hold up really well too, so you can find good quality hoodies with no tears or defects. Now you just found yourself a good winter staple piece for cheap!

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