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3 Reasons to Lead A Simple Life

Let's talk about three reasons why we should choose simplicity in our lives from a biblical point of view. By Andreea Nicolae
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We complicate things too much, we run for too many accomplishments, we are never tired of having things. And we start receiving them, more and more, but the more we have, the more we want. Stop for a moment and ask yourself this question: don’t you think Jesus called us to a life of simplicity and sufficiency? A life where we don’t really need the newest car, 20 pair of shoes and three wardrobes of clothes. I always think about this precious verse in Matthew 6:21: “Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.” I am going to write three reasons why I think that we should try and live simple lives.

1. It is God’s will.

We were called to be humble, grateful for what we have and to avoid extravagance. Of course, sometimes, God is blessing us with an abundance of material blessings, and we should be grateful for this. But we can choose to be wise on how we live our lives and don’t forget that less is more and the treasure we have on earth won’t lead us in heaven. It’s the state of our hearts that will show us where we stand and how to live the life God intended for us. In 1 Thessalonians 4:11, we find out how important is for God to be simple: “Make it your goal to live a quiet life, minding your own business and working with your hands…”. So, the point is, don’t run after too many things in life; learn to be happy in the simplicity of your home and family and learn when to say “enough it’s enough.”

2. You will find freedom in simplicity.

For example, I am a homesteader, so I like to do loads of things in my house and in my garden. I like to plant vegetables and herbs because I feel like I have the freedom to choose what I eat. For the same reason, I bake bread and I make jam. The sense of freedom I get by doing this is because I know that I chose the ingredients I used, and the result is delicious. Another example is, when you choose to avoid extravagant clothing and become simpler in the way you dress, it can mean that you don’t care what the people say about the brand of the item you wore and you discover freedom. People’s opinions take a lot of our freedom because we try to impress, and that is a trap that makes life complicated. This are just few of many examples that can apply at this point. Think about all the way you complicate things and imagine how better life would be by finding simple ways to live. We don’t need hundreds of material possessions—it’s the pressure of the world that makes us think we have to buy every day new things. Imagine how it would be to be free of this influence; try to avoid consumerism—that is only a way to fill a hole in our life.

3. It is healthy for your family life.

It is very good to have friends and family around you and be able to enjoy life together. Ideally, we would spend time with them every day and kiss them on the forehead at night. But what about that stressful job that keeps you all day long in the office or factory, or other institution? It is understandable that when someone doesn’t have a choice and have to pay their bills and mortgage you would say this is it, this is my life. But what if we do have a choice? What if we change the job and find something more convenient where we can actually see our family? Try and look for options, don’t get stuck on commodity and having more and more money. Be grateful with less and prioritize your family over everything else. Money come and go, but family stays. Choosing a simpler job that gives you time for the dear ones, means choosing a simpler life. We don’t always need a career to be happy, we need God to give us the wisdom on how to manage our finances and simplify our life by choosing what really matters.

This article is for all those who feel like there is more to life than the meaningless pleasures of the world. This article is for the ones who believe that “Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be” (Matthew 6:21). When our aim is God’s Kingdom, we will feel the desire of giving less importance to material benefits and look for what is eternal. Let’s nurture our souls with what is good, peaceful and pure. There is where you will find simplicity and start practicing it more day by day.


Andreea Nicolae: I believe in a simple way of living that is meant for some of us and I make it my mission to try and live a quiet and simple life fulfilling my role in the family and in the society. I am a writer and I try to help people learn more about how to live a simple life in a Biblical way and why to choose this and make it your lifestyle as well. I am a homesteader at heart, and I try to put this in facts every day. I am a wife; I am a gardener; I am a cook in my own kitchen at home; I am a dreamer and I hope for a better future for me and my family; I am an active Christian and I believe in Jesus Christ and His salvation.

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